Friday, April 08, 2011

New Features

So I've been playing around with my blog design. I'm still not totally happy with it. It's an ever evolving process. Kind of like a piece of art. I use to give my art teacher scornful looks when he said I was never finished. Lets talk about recent additions. I recently added a Polyvore button to the top left of the blog. It will link you directly to that account and my creative sets. Below that is a small Bloglovin' button which I'm not sure I'm keeping. As much as I love the different buttons available I didn't want anything to take away from the content of my posts. There wasn't really a happy medium to choose from so I ended up with something almost non existent. I think that I'll just come up with something myself. Other than those two details I'm pretty happy with the left side column of the blog.

Without clogging up my side columns I added my blog awards to the bottom of the page. If you click the photo it will link you to the most recent award with facts about myself. Below that are my YouTube video links and photos. I'm not sure about the placement on the bottom of the page. Hum, I think that I will take some time today and play around with the design.


  1. Neat - i like your new layout!

  2. Thanks H Rija. Now trying to figure out what I want to do with my header.

  3. when i have time i like to play around with my layout, too. the polyvore link is cool. i just did my first polyvore set that might be something fun to add to mine!

  4. oomph- I'm pretty happy with everything in the columns. Not quite there yet with my header :)I've recently discovered Polyvore too. I end up putting way too much in my sets that I have to edit down. Some theme eventually emerges from it. You should add it to your blog, its a fun feature. I would totally like to see that.
    <3 Albee


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