Monday, April 11, 2011

Pick of the Day: Urban Outfitters

Christy's Crown Collection Straw Bowler $44.00

Brixton Drifter Hat $40.00

Kimchi Blue Lace Bib Knit Dress $49.00

A trend that I has been seeping into my psyche is the boater hat or a bowler hat. People have come sprung up wearing this hat or a version of it in their outfit posts. I have been admiring it and loving how they wear it with different styles. From a preppy look, to a cool punk style, and a casual throwback 70's feel. The above hats are just what I found going through UO site along with a dress and a couple of outfits that I think would look good with them. 


  1. I love hats but no hat fits me :(

  2. Francesca B.- I know what you mean. I just can't order a hat online. I need to try it on at the store. My Bf said it's because I have a big head :)I say it's because I have a lot of hair to tuck underneath it. I would try different styles, you never know what may look good on you :)
    <3 Albee

  3. I love the hats but no way am I going to pay $4o something for one. I sell them through mark for like $16 and have seen them at Walmarts for $7! I love Fashion but can't afford the high name brands. Unless your a name brand whore you know me I just like to look good and keep my wallet fat XD!


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