Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tagged: 8 Most Worn Items

I was tagged to do the my most worn items by H Rija of Mylyfe ; My Story. Thank you and I hope you and my readers enjoy it.

 Ha ha, funny how safe and neutral everything is :) I guess that says a lot of my personality. Since they are my most worn I get to play with them and add color here and there. You can click on the photo and get a close up of the items.

You're suppose to tag other bloggers, but I think everyone should share in the fun. So I ask my readers to join in and post their 8 most worn items.

Here is the list of 8:
1. Most worn lip gloss/ lipstick
2. Most worn earrings
3. Most worn top/ shirt
4. Most worn nail polish
5. Most worn shoes
  6. Most worn necklace
7. Most worn perfume/lotion
8. Most worn handbag/purse

Looking forward to everyone's post on this tag.


  1. I love it and really enjoyed reading it!!
    Also, love the boots!

  2. H Rija- thanks again for the tag. I had fun running around collecting my most worn.
    <3 Albee

  3. Everybody has those essential go-to items in their wardrobe, and they're usually navy, black or gray. I've got this one pair of denims and converse all-stars that I literally live in.

  4. Hi Catherine, thanks for stopping by :) You can see me wearing the boots here:

    I bought them through AMICLUBWEAR.COM. I just love them- fashionable and comfy.


  5. the nyanzi report- Just visited your blog. I can't get enough of street style. That's where I find most of my inspiration. Thank you for visiting. I have the same affection for my Converse. They are so beat up but it gives them character and looks way cooler then straight out of the box.


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