Saturday, April 23, 2011

2nd Set of 100

A few weeks ago I posted that were having a sale of 25% off on their paper goods. If you haven't heard of them I did a post and you can read about it here. I just had to take advantage and order a 2nd set of 100 mini cards for myself. Instead of paying $19.99 for them I paid $14.99, basically it was my shipping price for free! My first set had featured cute girls on the front as seen here. I was looking to do a more of a conservative look with these repeat graphic prints. I'm really happy with the way that they turned out. The colors are rich, and the quality of paper is fantastic. Just like the last time, it took a week from the date I ordered to receiving them in the post. If any of you are interested in ordering from I have 8 coupon codes available to pass on for your very first order. 2 codes for 15% off your entire order, 2 codes for 15% off any 1 Moo product, 2 codes for 15% off for first order and 2 codes for 15% off 1 pack of mini cards. They will be available as a first come basis. If you are interested comment below on which coupon code you prefer and I will send you 1 of the 8 codes available to your  email address.
I would love to exchange cards with you or more than happy to send some your way to keep and pass out to your friends. Let me know.

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