Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pick of the Day: Love

Tie Dye V-Neck Jumper $23.90
Lace Tube Maxi Dress $28.90
One Shoulder Tied Tunic $17.90
Rose Print Wide Leg Pants $27.90 
Chain Frame Shoulder Bag $33.90
Peep Toe CutOut Heels $24.90
Leatherette Wedge Heel $26.90
If you haven't heard of or checked out yet I strongly urge you to. It's another great source for fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. These are just a few things I picked out, but there are a lot more to go through on the site.

I have been serious trying to hunt down a pair of flowy long pants. I think I found them in the rose print ones above. If I purchase them it will take some decision making on how short to hem them. Will I wear them with flats the most, or heels. If heels, which ones the 3" or 5". It stinks that I always have to do some tailoring. I envy all the long legged amazons that I've come across in my life. A case of "the grass is always greener on the other side".

I haven't been into tie-dye for years. I think because of all the bright colors that we usually see it done in. What I have been loving lately are the tie-dye clothing done in dark shades or even the reverse tie-dye using bleach. I recently acquired a maxi dress that used the latter process. I'm falling for the jumper above.

The other items I have picked are things that I would totally rock this season. The tunic would be a dress to wear out on those occasions that the day party turns into warm summer nights. I'm always on the look out for a big shoulder tote and I love this one in white. The chain detail, toughens it out. What do you think of the perforated shoes? I think they're cute, but would leave you with funky tan lines on your feet. I would diffidently wear them indoors. I don't own a pair of black wedges and I love the idea I can wear these day or night. 

Agh, why do I come across things that I want so often? Last night Adam called me a shopaholic because he took a peek on my side of the closet. I'm in love with beautiful things and as long as I can make a home for them I will. That reminds me, since I'll be home most of the week I should go through my closet and weed it out. I do it every season, and now it's long over due. That would be a good post to do, a little before and after.

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  1. There's some pretty cute things and it's pretty affordable. I'll have to check it out.

    The grass IS always greener. Regular length is so awkward on me but not everything comes in a "tall" or "long" length so I have to just make it work. Somewhere there's someone the perfect height and weight and everything they try on fits. Jerk. Haha!


  2. Ha ha, that's too funny Jenn. We mere mortals just have to adjust (: I'm happy that I was able to introduce you to the site. Hope you find some good buys.
    <3 Albee

  3. I love those wide leg pants! I've been looking for a good palazzo pant for a while, but I've had such a tough time finding anything in stores. I'm hoping there will be a bigger selection as we get further into spring.

  4. Thank you for introducing this great site! Love the outfits and especially the chain shoulder bag! Suuper cute*

  5. oh my i love that one shoulder tunic. it's so lovely. i'm gonna check out this site cuz they look like they have some fab stuff!!!

  6. Becca (Free Honey)- I'm with you. Thinking about holding off too. I'm waiting for a big floral print to come my way.Thanks for commenting (:

  7. Jewel Bijoux- I love a purchasing my goodies at reasonable prices. This site always have a gem to be found and it's a nice break from the usual chain that I buy from.
    That purse rocks and they carry it in black and tan too. I don't own a white handbag and I'm really liking that one for s/s.I have to hold off though, just max out on room to store everything.
    Thanks for commenting.

  8. Claire- Oh yeah, I <3 this site. Just another place to find goodies at great prices.



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