Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New Books

I have been collecting the Penguin Classic reissues. These two are my newest addition. I have all ready glanced through the 1,001 Nights and feel it isn't the best version that I have read. I feel a little disappointed and cheated on that one. I have a more complete copy in a softcover and I'm going to have to hold on to it. The Lewis Carroll was in the mail yesterday or was it the day before? It went automatically on the shelf.  I'm in the middle of a novel right now and when I'm done with it, my next read with be Alice. The next book from the Penguin classic series that is on it's way is Dracula. They just pushed the release date back to the beginning of May. That is one story I have yet to read and I'm excited to get it in my hands. You are able to purchase these novels through where they are less expensive then the local bookstore and You may click here to see my original post of these fantastic books.


  1. Love classic books - have never read 1001 nights - perhaps it's about time :O) Axx

  2. Anya adores- 1001 Nights is a fantastic read. There's just something about a tale that has lasted all these years. Thanks for stopping by :)They offer so many of these classic novels with the lovely graphics on the covers. I just had to replace my fave soft covers with them.

  3. I love Alice, and these books look adorable too!

  4. Sheps- I do love how the look on the shelf. Almost makes me want to take the jackets off my other novels.


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