Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pick of the Day:

Strapless Rope Waist Tulip Dress $34.00
Sheer Crochet Design Top $32.80
Floral Print Side Tie Wedge $23.50

Paneled Suede Wedge Bootie $27.30
These items are in their "New Style" section, so all sizes are still available. I adore the simplicity of the tulip dress. If I were to buy it I would have a hard time choosing between the 3 colors available- navy, fuchsia, and jade. It reminds me of high school when I tied a rope around my waist for a belt. Um, can we say hobo chic- ha ha. I like that the whole spring nautical theme will never go away. That I can rock my rope bracelets and necklaces till the sun dies. 

I can't get over the lace, crochet, shredded, cut-out trend. Anything that your skin can peek out of is so sexy and perfect for the warming weather. You can keep it sweet with florals, toughen it up with jeans or leather, or rock out with boho suede. The top is also available in black and white.

I don't own any ankle tied sandals. I think that they are cute, but it would make my legs look shorter. I guess I would have to wear them with things that hit above my knees. I can see them with shorts, or chambray dresses. They carry these shoes in a white with lavender and blue little flowers too.

If you haven't bought yourself a pair of suede booties here's your chance. I guess you can pick them up pretty much everywhere now. I've had a problem finding my size. Too bad I have to pass these up again for the lack of funds. I did come across these booties below and a little light bulb went off. Why can't I get my artist friends to do this for me?

If you don't have someone to hook you up. You can purchase these here.

-You may click on the detail on the items to link you to the site.-
-Happy Shopping!-


  1. those purple shoes are AWESOM! So cute! The tan booties are very styleish as well. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I'm definitely loving your blog!


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