Friday, April 29, 2011

Pick of the Day: A'GACI

Large Square Weave Tote Straw Bag $25.50
Challis Surplus Belted Kimono $23.50
Genuine Leather Belted Tye-Dye Dress $46.50
Hi Lo Challis Dress With Rope Belt $38.50
Ombre Dolman Dress With Front Zipper $41.50

I think that my picks today share a common element or two. I'm really liking the cinched waist with matching belts and the easy of the garments. No fuss no muss. The basket weave tote seems to be a must have from occasions at the beach, to a bridal party (tis the season).

A'GACI has been under my radar for sometime. Today was the first that I browsed through their boutique section. It a nice surprise to find these dresses, amazing over sized tops, ruffled tanks, and peasant blouses.

You may click on the item detail and it will link you to the site. 
Happy Shopping!


  1. i luv drappy tops, they are ultra femmine, and is so in right now~~~~

  2. I love the little white dress with the rope belt. Oh Summer . .. get here faster!

  3. Jessy- Hi doll. I know right, I just adore drappy tops. If you can look put together and comfortable, it's a win win for me.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

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  6. Maegan- Oh my gosh, why am I not reading what I wrote. Silly me it's been full of misspelled words. Let's start over (:
    I adore that dress too. I think it would be right up your alley- classic with the touch of fun in the rope belt detail. Thank you for commenting, hope you have a great weekend.


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