Thursday, February 10, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Anorak or No Anorak?

Yeah so I couldn't decide which picture to post so I did both. The anorak was a recent purchase at my local Salvation Army. I totally scored because I have been looking for a London Fog coat forever, but they are always so huge. High five to me, the coat was $6.00 and was in my size. The blouse I thought needed to be showcased. It's actually an off-white with ruffles down the center and pleats running down the side. It has a bit of gather at the bust and flows out to an empire. I don't want to appear any larger on top than need be so I just tuck in the front.
  1. Earrings, Belt, Skinny Jeans:
  2. Ruffle Blouse:
  3. Beige Boots:


  1. Love your fashion sense i'm on the lookout for a blouse like yours; for a reasonable price lol

  2. If I find a similar one online, I'll post a link for you,:)

  3. Hello!

    I like this look! Jeans + blouse + cardigan is always a perfect combination!! :)

    and thanks for commenting my blog and reading it... my dog is a boxer, yes!


  4. Thanks for the comment Sandra. You have inspired me to sneak in pics of my pets :)


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