Monday, February 28, 2011

Yay! Moo Cards Just In.

I just received my Moo cards in the post this afternoon. I wish that I had them last week when I was stopped in a store by a woman asking my opinion in tops. Well now that I have them there is no excuse to get the word out for my blog. Before ordering these I watched reviews and videos about the products that they carry. I am thrilled to say that I love them. The paper is fantastic smooth and thick, the images are beautifully colored with a little bit of gloss on them. I will be proud to hand these out and wouldn't even think twice about someone throwing it away. 
I had chosen these images because I wanted my card to be a keepsake. Something cute to hold on to. My next set will be flowers or birds maybe just a repeat pattern of some sort. The back side will have a photo of me along with my information. I realized that to some these may seem a bit juvenile so my next set will be for the other half of my audience. Upon ordering the cards I forgot to get a holder for them. I can just imagine carrying them in my wallet and fumbling about trying to get one out for someone. So I ordered (a few days later) the plastic case with keyring to carry with me. It only holds 12 at a time and is design for easy handling. Really, where am I going to be that I need more than 12? If I find out the answer I'll let you know. in the US is located in Rhode Island which places me on the other side of the continent. They had originally gave me an estimate of 12 working days to receive my cards. I had ordered them the 20th of this month and had them in my hands 8 days later (5 working days - the holiday). I've never have been this happy about an online order in my life. If you are looking for cards visit


  1. They are adorable! I'm goin to order some for myself.

    Check out my blog :)

  2. omg, you totally just made me buy some cards! just spent the last 30 mins ordering! i actually have a friend in hong kong for business right now, making cards for me. but these were too cute to pass up! thanks for sharing!

  3. Jewelz- Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is too cute and I loved the HP post. Maybe we can follow each other? See you on the blogs

  4. oomph- Wasn't it fun to browse through all the designs? I'm interested to see what you have chosen+ the cards that your friend designed.
    <3- Albee


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