Monday, May 09, 2011

Aztec Maxi

Maxi dresses are wonderful for this time of year. Anyone can wear one, be comfortable and look put together. I found this one at my favorite store F21. Yes I admit it I've been going insane buying up stuff from there. Like I've said before it's just soo convenient. 
When I had visited my friend last week she had shared with me recent purchases from there. I had buyer envy- she picked up some really cute stuff. I love her style it's so feminine with lace and crochet details. She will always pick up those flowy blouses and anything with floral print. One of these days she'll be featured in my "Everyday Muse" posts.

I digress. Here is the maxi that I'm receiving today in the post. I bought it black and cream. Right now they also have it in a teal and olive print. When I look for a maxi dress I try not to buy the ones with a ruffle hem line at the bottom. Since I'm curvy I think that it makes me look shorter than I already am and larger on the bottom then I want to look. What sold me on this particular one is the neckline detail with the braided strap.

Aztec Maxi Dress $19.90

I have also been keeping out an eye for a jumpsuit that I can wear day to day. We are planning to visit Universal Studios in June and I think this would be perfect to wear with a pair of Converse or TOMS with all the walking I'm planning to do that day.

Strapless Cargo Jumper $14.50

Because I want to get free shipping I bought a couple of t-shirts for $7.90 each.

Am I all set for Spring and Summer? Almost (: I'm on the hunt for a new swimsuit. I was thinking a one piece this time with a retro look to it. Who knows what I'll end up with but when I do be sure that I'll share it with you.

Have a great day! xo-Albee


  1. LOVE that maxi. I love that kind of print. :-)
    (I am having a buffalo tooth necklace give-away if you're interested!)
    strawberry freckleface

  2. love that romper especially. you could dress it up nicely or wear it casual like you mentioned.

  3. Strawberry Freckleface- Yep, I love the print too. Thanks for the comment and the heads up on your Giveaway.

  4. Claire- I'm really happy with it. I think it'll be perfect to wear come June. It's made out of rayon so it's lightweight and I don't have to worry about dying in the heat wearing black. You're right, it would be easy to dress up to go out in. Too bad they don't carry it in a different color,I would have grabbed two.


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