Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peplum Bustier

So this photo caught my eye. I love the bustier, the white crisp jeans and or course the heels. What is a girl like me to do but totally pine for this look. On my hit list- a bustier peplum top.


So what did I just score on? This beaut and I so can't wait to get it in the post.

Yeah, high fives all around :)


  1. I LOVE that first look you posted! The colour of that bustier is gorgeous - so bright and lovely.

    x Michelle |

  2. love the look of a bustier but i so cannot wear one. just not flattering.

  3. Michelle of the Feather Den- I would have to agree. I love it next to the white. I think it makes it more for s/s and not just for fall. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    Andee Layne- It is such a lush color. Will diffidently be keeping an eye out for that shade now.

    Claire- I like how this one comes in at the waist and flares out. It gives the illusion of an hourglass shape. For someone like myself that is basically a square it totally helps me out. I'm always looking at 50's silhouettes because my body type fits it the best.


  4. Lovely looks!nice post dear.i am following you.follow abck if u want :)))

  5. Despina- Thanks for the comment and the support in following :)
    I really can't wait to try out my version of the top look. Hopefully it works out and I'll be able to do a post on the look soon.



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