Friday, May 13, 2011

Pick of the Day: 3 Little Bags

I am looking for a small handbag to take with me to amusement parks and the like this summer. I'm tired of carrying the jumbo bag because I end up with everyone's goods at the end of the day with my shoulders and back hurting. I want to carry the bare minimum and prefer to have my hands free. Here are 3 that have caught my eye through, now it's deciding which one would be the best for me.

This first one is the Puma Campus Portable- $25.00. I am a huge Puma handbag fan. I find them to be truly timeless and durable. This one has a long enough strap to be wore cross body and measures 7"w x 2"d x 8"h. It has one main compartment and a little inside pocket to hold a phone. It only comes in black w/the white print. I wouldn't have pause if it came in a tan or brown color.

My second choice is the Paula by LeSportsac- $32.00. I've owned a LeSportsac handbag and found it durable. I think it was a Christmas gift when I was 13 and I even passed it on to my mom. She wore it for years. Thank goodness it was the traditional black, if it was a print it would have looked outdated. This has a strap that measures 3 1/4" with a detachable clip at the end. I can see myself clipping this through a belt. The whole thing is 3 3/4"w x 1 3/4"d x 5"l. It has two main compartments with pockets on the inside. I'm afraid that if I get it, it will look more like a camera bag then a wristlet.

Here is my third choice. The Harajuku Lovers Girls Sweetie Crossbody in Geisha Girls- $46.40. I am a big kid at heart and this little messenger bag hits all the right buttons. It's pink with cherry blossoms and cute geisha girls all over it. It measures 10.25"w x 3.5"d x 11"l with one main compartment, a zipper pocket on the back wall and a little phone pocket on the front wall. 

I think I just made my decision...I'm buying the Harajuku one! I'm just over the moon with it. Shopping through shipping is free if you chose the standard. Hopefully it will be here the beginning of next week and I'll post a little review about it.


  1. Love that LeSportSac one! i too love that brand. but the Harajuku one is pretty cute too. though super Asian-y. sometimes i feel funny carrying around something Asian-y being Asian. dunno why. it's prolly silly!

    p.s. did you get any dresses at Target for $10?

  2. fabulous post..i love the last bag!

  3. Claire- I know what you mean. People stare at me anyway trying to figure out with my nationality is. So I've learned not to give a second thought and just wear what I like.
    I think that eventually I'll buy the other two bags, then again a bucket bag is also on my list. I went to one of my local Targets and they didn't have any dresses there. Knowing my luck they were swooped up the second they were put on the sale racks. I might have to pass on them again :(

  4. lila Check- I just looked in on my purchase,they upped my shipping. I'm looking forward to receiving it, hopefully on Monday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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