Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Golden

Here is the jumpsuit I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I'm so in love with it I want to wear it everyday. I keep looking at this photo and thinking something is off. I give it a B+, if that. I originally bought it to wear to the park this weekend, but I think I'm going to go with the tried and true, denim blue. Ha ha, I just realized that I have my rubber band around my wrist. This plastic handbag was purchased at my local H&M store, it's a throw back to the eighties. 
When I was little I had one in a pearlized purple, pink, and white. Yeah you could have caught me wearing my pink Member's Only like jacket and sport a purse like this. I asked my mom what I use to carry in my purses. Stickers, a notebook, pencils, my Little Ponies and my pink Jordache wallet. Things haven't changed much, I'm only missing the Little Ponies these days and the wallet isn't Jordache anymore.


  1. i luv the outfit~~~the gold belt is a nice touch~~~and the bag is sooo cute~~~~


  2. omg, i totally remember these bags! your outfit is fabulous, especially with those leopard heels. and somewhat of a 70s vibe with the gold belt, which i love.

  3. Jessy- thanks for commenting. With that bag you can't fill it up with trash, keeps the weight down- ha ha.

    oomph- for sure has that 70's vibe. The moms would have worn it in her disco days. It's where my inspiration comes from :)

    thanks for writing dolls. Have a good night.
    <3 Albee

  4. I like the gold belt and shoes. Like oomph said, there's kind a 70's vibe and I'm digging it. :)

    I think we probably had the exact same purse contents as kids. I might have had a few forbidden garbage patch kids cards in there, too.


  5. so cute! very classy yet has attitude. Those shoes are amazing!

    xo//Andrea Marie

  6. Jenn of The Suburb Experiment- Ha ha, Garbage Pail Kids. Those things were gold, when we were younger. Remember when they came out with the big, I don't know what were they 5"x4"? I might still have a couple somewhere.
    Thanks for the comment on the outfit. I loved raiding my mom's closet and still own a couple of dresses from way back in the 70's.

    Andrea Marie- Thank you for the comment. I know that Qupid released similar shoes in a peep toe and an ankle strap recently. I should find them and post.


  7. Looove rompers cute outfit

  8. Thanks Bella :)Yep,I <3 rompers and jumpers too.



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