Friday, May 13, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Friday the 13th

Ha ha, I saw this magnet and thought it was too funny. I never envied the beautiful when their personality was lacking. I had envied were the ones who were the most generous, compassionate, talented on top of being beautiful individuals. It's not fair that some people have it all (: Oh well, I have my own life to lead and it's too short dwelling on other people's attributes. I make the best of what I'm given.

I am wearing a black 3/4 sleeve blazer from, a pink/grey lace print dress from, and my first pair of Jessica Simpson shoes I ever bought. These shoes are the most comfortable pair of closed toed wedges I own. I really wished that at the time I also bought then in the gold. That was like 4 years ago or something like that. They are still in amazing condition and the reason I had no problem dropping down the $ for my dany's that I purchase @

O.k. darlings. I thought that I'll just move forward from here on out and maybe plug in past post that were deleted. Were you like me and went through withdraws?



  1. I love these wedges! I haven't seen them before.
    I go through feeling sorry for myself too when it seems as if everyone around me is not only beautiful but also richer than me and smarter than me and more successful than me. But we have to remember what makes us special and stop dwelling on what we don't have. Because I can guaranteee you, those people we admire, feel the same way about themselves too.


  2. Ashley Rae- what wise words of wisdom (: thanks for sharing.
    In my life time I can count on my fingers the few shoes that I loved till the worn through the sole. Those JS shoes above are on that list.

  3. those shoes are fabulous! and that dress is cute. looks great with that blazer. just found the best white linen blazer at F21! i was sooooo thrilled because i'd been looking for just the right one for a while now!

  4. Claire- I've been looking for a white blazer too. You've totally lucked out on finding one at F21. I recently saw this blogger that added studs to the front shoulder part and it looked so amazing.
    Thanks, I <3 those shoes and have been keeping my eye out for something similar. I know I'll be bummed the day those blow out on me.
    I love hearing from you and I hope your having a good weekend.


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