Friday, May 20, 2011

Heart Shape Glasses

I have been eying these sunnies for a few years now, ever since I saw the video of Marilyn Manson's, "Heart -Shaped Glasses". 

I think it screams 80's retro. I would love to wear these with sweet summer dresses, or an outfit of shorts and a blouse (like the one seen here). As inexpensive they are going for right now I can own them in every color. Here are a few that I've seen around the web.


1.Quay Eyewear Australia- Heart Sunglasses in Gold $26.00

2. The Extras- Wild Heart Glasses $10.00


Eye Heart You Sunglasses Red/Pink/White- ea. $5.00

Solid Color Heart Shape Sunglasses Black/Pink/Green/Purple/Fuchsia/Red/White/Yellow- ea. $3.80


  1. ooh, love these precious sunglasses, absolutely adorable!! And they look great in the Marilyn Manson video, love the vintage 50's vibe! Hope you're having a fabulous Friday hun. xx veronika

  2. they are sooo cute, and when i saw your blog post's title the first t hing that poped in my mind were Marylin Manson's hubby loves his band sooo much, i think hes got some serious style...though not my style....anywhoo, id luv me a pair of the heart shape glasses...


  3. veronika of Girl and Closet- Happy Friday to you too (:
    These are my list of must haves for summer along with a pair of cat-eyes. In the 80's I owned a pair of purple zebra striped ones. Oh how I loved them. I'm just so giddy that I can get a pair and not break the bank, ha ha.

  4. Jessy- I'm a Marilyn fan. I've always loved his music, but wasn't to sure of him till I saw this interview. (
    He came across as someone interesting to know.It's funny now that his style doesn't make boots shake anymore, that it's kind of mainstream (darn GaGa).
    I love the glasses too and can't wait to own a pair.

  5. These are adorable. I wanna own a pair too, specially if it be those two from the first photo!

    ps im hosting a sexy giveaway on my blog! Would you like to enter?

  6. Carla Violet- Those two are cute. I think I'm going for the solid color ones myself. Well, maybe the clear to wear indoors (: Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a good weekend.


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