Monday, May 02, 2011

The Walk of Shame

What to Pack so You're Not Obviously Looking Like You Just Woke Up in a Bed That Isn't Yours

Living in a community that is mainly made up of young people who love to party. More often than not you'll see a young woman doing the walk of shame back to her car or home. Her hair is a tangles rat's nest on top of her head. Remnants of her smokey eye is smeared across her face. Her lips look dry and slightly swollen because they are stained pink with what is left of her lipstick. Her cute dress that she wore the night before is wrinkled or the buttons to her top aren't matching up right. You can see her trying to walk with dignity but it's also ruined by the way she's carrying her stilettos in one hand and her car keys in the other.

If you have or have known someone who fits this scenario, then you're having a good laugh right now. We know it happens and it always surprises "the girl" when it happens to them. I am going to compile a list of things to carry the night before so you can look cute in the morning.

1. Small brush or comb
That can take care of the rat's nest on your head.
2. Rubber band or hair clip
That way you can do a quick ponytail, bun, or pouf
3. Small tube of hand lotion 

 This will be your lifesaver. It's a easy eye makeup remover, moisturizer for your face and lips.

4. Mini disposable toothbrush & mini Altoids.
Your mouth will feel clean and therefore  make everything feel better.

Those 4 are the essentials. Now if you are packing an "emergency" over night bag, I would add these items.

5. Change of chonies
You know the mom saying of always wear new clean ones?
6. Baby wipes

A quick clean up for your face and body. Hey- it will do if you can't get in a shower.
7. Deodorant

All you need is to smell like alcohol is coming out of your pores.

8. A change of clothes suitable for the following day/cold morning.

Any version of this outfit would be suitable. Think wrinkle free, limited packing space, and easy and comfortable to wear.

Darlings, as always practice safe sex and pack your own protection. Better to be safe then the fear of being portrayed as a slut.


  1. I love the way you created a scene with your description! LOL

  2. Oh thanks LoveofFashion22 (: I had a lot of fun with this post. I wish someone had told me what to pack and take with me. It would have saved the embarrassment of wearing a sequins dress to breakfast, lol! Those were the days, thank goodness I can laugh about it now (:
    Congratulations on winning my giveaway. I'm so happy that you won.

  3. Steffy Pros and Cons- Me too. I had to wear my version today to run silly errands, like washing my car. I want a pair of TOMS, but have yet to decide what color. They look great in that natural white. Hum, maybe.

  4. That last combo looks perfect for lazy sundays.

  5. Mirror of Fashion- doesn't it though? A day of cuddling, those are nice (:

  6. loving this post tired on toms yesterday and fitted like a glove lol!!

    great blog..please feel free to check out my blog....

    Just checked out your blog. Dang, you got killer style. Loving the t-bear necklace. Thanks for the comment and the heads up on how the TOMS fit (:


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