Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Off to the DMV

So I was at the DMV yesterday to take care of some business. If you are anything like me you are scouting the crowd, people watching. I just love the wide variety of people, from the elderly to the teens and sometimes you get toddlers running around. 
I was able to squeeze in an extra hour of sleep in the morning before we headed off. If I'm going anywhere with Adam and time is of the essence I try to plan ahead on what I'm wearing for the day. All I need is for him to bitch that I'm taking too long and have him see all the clothes I have in the closet. It's one thing knowing that packages and store bags come in and it's another thing to see it all together in your face. 
So the night before I had planned on wearing my fleece black peacoat, Paramore t-shirt, skinny jeans and my brown mid length boots. Really nothing that great and a little boyish. I was looking to be comfortable and warm. If I knew I was going to be waiting outside for twenty minutes I would have layered a hoodie with the outfit too. 
1. Black Fleece Peacoat- Forever21
2. Paramore T-Shirt- Hottopic
3. Skinny Dark Denim Jeans- Forever21
4. Brown Mid-Calf Boots- Charlotte Russe

Since I was dressed for comfort I wanted to know who dresses up for the DMV. To my surprise, no one does. Granted, you do get the individuals that look like they will be heading off to work later. It's the business uniform of all grays and sensible shoes. I found it was the teens coming in to apply for a driver's license that were the most interesting to look at. In it's self it was a uniform of sorts. A sweatshirt, hoodie, or knit sweater with skinny jeans and a pair of Uggs or similar boot. 
1. Zip up Hoodie- Hollister
2. Skinny Dark Denim Jeans- Forever21
3. Classic Tall Boot- UGG

I guess it's something to be said about dressing for comfort knowing that you'll be on your feet for hours  on a cold and rainy day.


  1. I work in the same building as our DMV. How convenient is that? I look cute for my picture (because I'm already dressed for work) AND I can call down to see if they're busy before I pop down.

  2. Jenn of The Suburb Experiment- Lucky girl (: This is my fourth time there this year alone. Granted not everyone of those visits were for myself, a little hand holding was needed. I always forget to bring a snack and end up threatening to by a fundraiser candy bar. Crossing my fingers this is the last, at least till next year.


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