Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Recommendation: Fablehaven Series

Like I've said previously that I would browse my local book store. Shoot, I was there like once a week. Yes, I had a problem but that's all cured now with So, on my way to check out the new releases in fiction there was a table of young adult books. At this point I have read some that my cousin has recommended, and of course my mom had me reading "Twilight". I picked up "Fable Haven", the cover was all glittery with fairies and a wicked looking old woman sitting on a stump. Reading the inside jacket had me intrigued. Fable Haven is a sanctuary for all things mystical- satyrs, fairies, trolls, nyaids, centaurs just to name a few. Two young children are sent there to stay with their grandparents which are the care takers. The world of magic opens up through the point of view of the children. We follow through their adventures and cheer them on to make the right decisions. It is a five book series and it had held my interest through out. That day I didn't purchase the book, but my mom did a couple of weeks later. When I found that out I wanted to borrow it as soon as she was finished. I can see myself sharing these stories for years to come and now I own them all in hardcover. If you are looking for a read to share with children and they are into the mystical and supernatural I highly recommend this series. Oh the best part? The main characters are a brother and sister pair. You can satisfy both your sons and daughters with this book, it's not too girlie nor too savage.

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