Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Movies of the Week: Alfred Hitchcock

Are you into classic films? What is your favorite? Alfred Hitchcock films are pretty up there for me. I grew up watching the re-runs of the short stories on t.v. His silhouette and theme music is embedded into our pop culture psyche. My first horror film was Psycho, that is a film loaded with parental issues. A few years ago I had invested in the Hitchcock collection, and sat down for a marathon. I love the suspense, the camera angles to show the askew perception of the main characters, and of course the costume and set design. So I urge you to watch a Hitchcock film again, or try it out for the first time. Here are a few that I recommend:

 Watch the one with James Stewart, and the beautiful Grace Kelly.

Another one with James Stewart, and a blond. This time his co-star is Kim Novak.

I didn't realize how hard it was to choose my favorites. So rent through a service or buy  Alfred Hitchcock films.

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