Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pick of the Day: ft.

The Vans 80's Sunglasses in Peach Amber
Women's Sunglasses By Vans 

 The Blue Crystal Square Stud Earrings

Women's Jewelry By Betsey Johnson 

 The Lucite Stretch Queen Ring
Women's Jewelry By Harajuku Lovers


 The Big RVCA II Hoody in Lush
Women's Sweatshirts By RVCA


Every now and then I browse to see what's new and what's has hit the sale section. These items that I picked out are in the new section and I'm guessing that the colors are what caught my eye. The Van sunglasses I'm in love with and have been looking for a cat-eye pair. The last time I had glasses like those they were purple and I left them in the restroom of Sea World. I was so heart-broken. These are only ten dollars but I would still be heart-broken if I lost these too. Betsey Johnson jewelry is very whimsical with the over size pieces with a very girly attitude. I'm not big on the handbags, or shoes but I can see myself wearing the jewelry pieces for years to come. I know that the Harajuku line is very young looking. Done in small doses it is do-able for the mid-twenty and older set. I've collected lucite rings since I was little, and I would die to have this ring too. How many hoodies can one own? I don't know, but I keep stuffing my closet full of them (and they're mostly gray). I heart them with dresses, and layered under my coats. This would be a welcome addition to the sea of gray. These items may or may not make it into my cart at this time, but a girl can dream.

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