Friday, February 18, 2011

Inspiration Board: Gwen Stefani

I had chosen Gwen Stefani as my first modern style icon. If you are from my generation you grew up with Gwen. From the moment you heard "I'm Just a Girl" you were hooked. Who was this amazing young women jumping around the stage with killer abs and a voice that's telling you to rejoice in being a girl? Through the years we saw her style evolve and even though she was no longer the girl next door, her look was still attainable. Every season I make sure that I catch the highlights and interviews for her fashion shows.  I like the juxtaposition of classic, urban, and ethnic influences of the designs.
Now she is a spoke woman for L'Oreal, and I absolutely flipped over the commercials. Even though she rocks the red lips in every photo, from glam to everyday she still looks great with out it.
Go back through the years and see what had inspired you- was it the pink hair, the tanks that show your abs, the pink dipped dyed wedding gown, how about the classic 50's bombshell look? Gwen is always one of those people that you love to watch and she always have you wondering what will come next.


  1. Absolutely love Gwen! Iv'e been a fan from the beginning I love how she intertwines, rock, 50's bombshell, an a everyday look all together. She does it so effortlessly.

  2. Ms. Nik- I wholeheartedly agree :)


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