Friday, February 18, 2011

Outfit of the Day: The Imperfect Perfection

 Today I will celebrate the things that make us all uniquely different and the idea that we are perfect just the way we are. I'll be doing the usual today running around town to pick up things I forgot yesterday. The reason for my forgetfulness? H&M had their coats 30% off and I wanted to check it out before the weekend. If you're wondering, I walked out of there empty handed. They have a blush tone trench that was dreamy, and an A-line knit skirt that I was drooling over. I just couldn't do it for full price, cross my fingers and hopefully I can snag them on a sale. It's another chilly day for us and I wanted to be warm and comfy. The sweatshirt is a recent purchase from CottonOn. A newly discovered store for me. They had suede wedge booties there in black, tan, and a maroon color. I would have purchased the maroon, but they didn't have my size. Here's a hint for you- the shoes sizes are Euro. I had eyed quite a few items and tried them on. A dress was too big in a large, a long sleeve sweatshirt was too tight in a large, a 2nd dress in a large was too small, a cute trapeze tank made me look prego. It so was trial and error, and there was a lot of error. The only thing that I walked away with was this sweatshirt in the photo. It's a large with you guessed it 3/4 sleeves and roomy enough to layer with a tank underneath. Will I shop there again, sure. I would just have to make sure that I have the time to try everything on :) If you were wondering my measurements, I'll be totally honest. I stand at a whopping 4'11", and my current weight is 130. I am curvy, a 36",28"(?),34". I'm not even close to where I was in high school, and I'm o.k. with that. Sure I would like to lose some weight but who doesn't. On that high note,(lol) let's celebrate what makes us uniquely beautiful- our "imperfections"


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