Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspiration: Neutrals

I'm not one for neon colors, and it's huge for spring. Can you imagine yourself wearing yellow eyeliner to pick up your child from school? How about lime green nail polish at work? I suppose there is a time and a place when it's appropriate. As for me I'll stick to my neutrals: blush, taupe, off-white,egg shell, beige. It may sound boring but everything is in the details. Texture, and design can also make a piece stand out. The mauve satin butterfly blouse is a perfect example. The open cut details, the stitching of the butterfly design, and the texture of the fabric makes the simple color and t-shirt cut into something special. 
Everyone wants a statement necklace but you don't always have to go with the big stones, tons of chains, or ribbons. When you think of feathers you think of birds- life, light, and spring weather. This necklace will give a plain shirt, tank or dress more texture. Drawing attention to your neckline is a very subtle hint at sexiness with out being overt about it. 
The bell bottom jeans I had to put in. Most women do not have stick shape bodies and I think we should celebrate our curves. Having a pair of jeans like these will balance out a curvy shape while accenting the best parts. A warning: make sure the back pockets don't have lavish embroidery, and that they sit right at the back of your bum. Keep in mind that what is the best length for you pants is dictated by what shoes you plan on wearing with them.
The heels to me were the most flattering in this taupe color. I love the design with the perforated holes and the tiny gold studs on the front. Wish they had this in a wedge, that way you can wear them all the time and with everything.
Use neutrals as a jumping point to outfits. any number of these pieces you could incorporate something more colorful if you choose to. Rethink your beige and taupe and look at the details that make an item special, be it texture or design. xoxo-Albee 

  1. Embroidered Butterfly Top $34.00- 
  2. Feather Trim Necklace $7.80-
  3. Devine Rights of Denim Bell Bottom Jeans $24.80-
  4. Taupe Faux Leather Cutout Perforated Sling Back Heels $25.99-

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