Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loop of the Day: Rockabilly Songs About Cars

  1.  Maybellene- Chuck Berry
  2. Beep Beep (The Little Nash Rambler)- Playmates
  3. Mustang Sally- Wilson Pickett
  4. Brand New Cadillac- The Clash
  5. One Piece At A Time- Johnny Cash
Since I try to keep my playlists small these are just a select few of my favorite songs about cars or driving. I tried to keep it in a rockabilly themed but the next one I do will probably be more random. I apologize for "Mustang Sally" but if anyone is making a list like this you just have to put it in there. I had a heck of a time posting this. Sorry for the constant editing. Enjoy :)
xoxo- AlbeeLucky

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