Friday, February 18, 2011

Tilly's 4 Day Sale Coupon

I thought I share this amazing coupon with you guys. It only is for the current sale items, but it's an additional 30% off the sale price. These 5 pieces are just my picks and there is a lot more to chose from. I didn't even browse the men or kid's section yet. It's not just clothing but accessories and shoes too. The promo code upon checkout is: SALE30
The offer is valid until 2/21/11
(Prices Listed Below Is Before Discount At Checkout)

  1. Full Tilt Tie Waist Top- $9.97-$11.97
  2. Full Tilt Double V Top- $17.97
  3. Last Kiss Short Trench Coat- $17.97
  4. O'Neill Jameson Tube Top- $11.97
  5. Vans Notion Sweatshirt- $31.97


  1. I love that purple sweatshirt! I would love to buy more clothes but I need to save my money.. ><

  2. Isabel Spectre- I know what you mean, but it doesn't stop me from daydreaming :)


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