Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pick of the Day:

It's funny that the items that I picked has the same model in them. That's just coincidence, I didn't purposely pick her out. is a branch off of, that's how I found them. No, actually I was looking for band tees that Hottopic didn't have. Lucky me at the time they had some crazy sale on them and the BF and I bought a bleeping load of them. So back to these picks, as much as I love cupcakes, rainbows, and unicorns I do have a darker sided. I guess you could have figured that out by my movie and book recommendations. Even though these are "punk" picks they are femme with the lace details on the shoes and wallets. The baseball T is over my $50 limit, but I just love the style.
 My casual looks tend to fall on tees and jeans, and it's always hard to look cute (but I try). I think the hat would dress it up, no? The site has a huge selection of Iron Fist shoes, and it's always hard for me to pick just one. Below are the listed prices and can be purchase at
  1. Brixton Stella Hat- $50.00
  2. Iron Fist Lacey Days Wallet- $30.00
  3. Iron Fist Lacey Days Booties- $50.00
  4. Creep Street Women's Death Dealer Raglan T-Shirt- $58.00
  5. Creep Street Women's Death From Below Tank Top- $18.99


  1. Those two bottom shirts are fabulous! I also like the shoes.. great finds :)

  2. Thanks, Isabel Spectre :)

  3. Daywear Dilemmas- Me too, I love the fact that the brim isn't so huge.


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