Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Movie of the Week: I Sell the Dead

For awhile there were zombie movies coming out every month. Why do we find that so fascinating? It's a twisted view of eternal life. Maybe they are training films on how to survive a zombie outbreak. My younger brother said that we should meet up at our local warehouse store that sells things in bulk. We would have everything we need till rescue comes. I guess it's always a good idea to have a plan ;)
This film is a zombie/dark comedy/ twisted ending type of flick. The story is centered around a young man that is captured and sentenced to death for grave robbing. He tells his story that involves vampires, zombies, and the local criminals. I thought that is was a refreshing take on the normal mass zombie attack and the humans that just run to survive. The cast is fantastic with Dominic Monaghan, and Ron Perlman. I think the story and the performance is solid. There really isn't that many zombie films that I enjoyed and would like to see again. The rating on the film is rated R, and I would have to agree with the MPAA on that one. There is blood and gore which is to be expected in a film such as this. If you have any questions about my recommendation, go ahead and leave a comment. I promise that the next movie and book recommendations will be kid friendly and you'll be able to share time with the whole family. - Albee

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