Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picks of the Day: Mod Cloth Apt.

I just might have inherited my love of toys from my father. I remember running around the toy store playing with everything and my father joining in on the fun. He use to buy me "boy toys"- cars, robots, action figures knowing that I wasn't interested in them. It was a good excuse for him to own them himself. If it was up to me my walls and shelves would be full of little figurines and play sets. To me they are meant to be looked at and not played with, more like art pieces. As it is I have a collection of Mighty Muggs standing on my bedroom dresser. I would say that I haven't totally shaken off the boy stuff. has all these really girlie things in the house-ware section of the site. I always find something to faun over. The cute little doll with glasses can hold a message on the bottom. I already own one of these and is displayed in my living room. It's tough for me to just pick one, but I love the sweet "wall-flower" look to this doll. 
To this very day I can't help but love the smell of the local Sanrio store. Sounds weird, I know. I'm so happy that they brought back the OG characters. "Little Twin Stars" with the pastel colors, just made me crazy when I was younger. I couldn't tell you how many pencil cases I use to own, or stationary sets. How fun is this little play-set? I would just display it on my desk and daydream about capturing a piece of cloud in a jar.
I always say that I'm just shy of being the "Crazy Cat Lady", I just need 10 more to add to my 2. When I saw these reproduction of milk bottles with a kitschy design, I knew that they're meant to be mine. On the site they also have a blue design one that references tap water. 
The tea set I just thought was cute. Not quite sure I would use these on a daily bases, just when I'm entertaining company. I thought it was a smart idea that it came with a display stand, that made it usable art.
Hope you enjoyed my picks :) All products featured:

  1. Cat Crazy Bottle Set $13.99
  2. Floral to Ceiling Tea Set $44.99
  3. Short Story Society Message Doll in Danielle $16.99
  4. Little Twin Stars Collector Set $7.99

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