Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Front Door Sunset

Why am I always looking up at the skies? I'm waiting for something remarkable to happen. Sitting in my living room after dinner watching some news I glanced out my front door. The clouds looked so pretty highlighted by the sunset. We use to have this amazing view until the condos were built next door :( I do have to say we get one great firework show when the local high school has their Home Coming game. It's so chilly out for us I can't imagine taking a walk down to the beach to catch the sunset. It's probably worth it though.
I think it's time to break out the big camera for better photos. It's just so handy to carry around one of those point and shoots. What are your thoughts? What kind of camera do you guys use? Oh, and do you want to see runway fashion on here? Let me know in the comments below. I'm really looking forward to a new feature where I post women in my life that I find inspirational. I think everyone qualifies, be it fashion or interests. Something to look forward to :)
Thanks for following and your input. You make writing fun.
xoxo- Albee

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