Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outfit of the Day: It's a Faux Life

Don't ask why this is so blurry, I think I was fidgeting too much. It took like quite a few attempts and this was the only decent one. Must be hyped up on too much caffeine this morning. It's been really hard for me not to wear this faux fur scarf everyday. I thought it looked cute over this poncho and it keeps me a little bit warmer this morning. Trying to warm up and layer, I just can't do it. I end up with a pile of clothes in my car as I peel off the layers through the day. So this is as far as I'm going- a tank, poncho, and scarf. I suppose it's all about textures today, open knit, faux fur, faux suede leggings, metal bracelets.  The knit poncho was another one of my scores at Salvation Army. I love the fringe detail and the mauve color. This will take me all the way through November pairing it with jeans, dresses, shorts- whatever :) 
Do you have a Cost Plus near you? Are you like me and always scan the jewelry displays? You never know what you might find. The dark metal hammered bangle is from there. It fits my wrist with out looking soo huge. I feel like I unearth treasures at that store, and everyone always comments on things I buy there. The wrap bracelet is actually a necklace. I love the metallic bead that reflect light and it has that dainty but tough thing going on. Here is where I purchased everything and the approximate amount I spent:
  1. Faux Fur Scarf $15.00- H&M
  2. Mauve Poncho $6.00- Salvation Army
  3. Gray Ribbed Tank $8.00- Target
  4. Faux Suede Leggings $10.00-
  5. Black Socks, Wrap Bracelet & Clogs-
  6. Dark Metal Hammered Bangle $5.00- CostPlus


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