Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Half Way Between Here and There

This skirt I feel in love with. Pink is like one of my favorite colors. Just never grew out of it I guess. I was told magenta looks good on me. I just can't wear a color that's too loud (screaming),"Look at me!". A soft pale pink or mauve is really pretty. I do have to be careful of it around my face, because my skin undertone is pink. Some times it makes me look beet red especially if I have been drinking. Who doesn't like pockets? I don't think they are very functional to put things in. The skirt is satin and it would either rip or stain. Today I topped it off with a short sleeve cardi tucked in. For a while there I was buying nothing but cardis, I had to have them in every color. The same thing happened with velor jumpsuits :) When I look for sweaters I try to buy them with a bit of spandex to them. That way I don't have to hand wash them and they never misshapen. If knee high socks aren't your thing you could also wear something like this with black tights, or go naked with bare legs. I'm not sure if I showed you these shoes yet. I was looking for an oxford wedge, something closed toed for work. Sure they are a little fashion forward for work, but done in black I think they'll pass. Below is where I purchased everything and the approximate amount I spent.
  1. Black Short Sleeve Cardigan $20.00- Nordstrom
  2. Pink Satin Skirt $17.00- Forever21
  3. Black Oxford Wedges $20.00- Forever21


  1. I love that shade of pink cuuute I want those wedges

  2. Thank you for the comment Ms.Nik, hope you're having a wonderful day :)I've noticed that F21 reissues shoes so I would keep an eye out.


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