Monday, February 21, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Unmanageable

Seriously having the worst hair day. It's so fluffy on the bottom and super flat on top. It will probably be thrown back into a ponytail sooner than later. I haven't yet decided what shoes to wear. Flats or heels? It's nice and sunny out so my toes won't freeze over, ha ha. The knit sweater is a fave and I try not to wear it too often. When you see someone maybe 2 to 4 times a year and your always pulling the same thing out of the closet, it's kind of embarrassing. When I was younger my mom would always complain that she's washing the same clothes week after week. O.k. some times I get stuck, but just like food at a favorite restaurant- you like what you like. Everything I'm wearing is from, the exception is the heels in the second photo. I recently purchased the bracelet at my local F21, and they carry it in a turquoise too. It has that deco thing going on that always catches my eye. Even though its a big piece I like that the diameter is on the small side. Thanks for following :) xoxo- Albee


  1. Love the bracelet and shoes!

  2. What can I say...adorable, gorgeous, awesome...gotta love the look. Love auntie


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