Monday, February 14, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Pretty Floral

I'm just not feeling too well today. This photograph was taken a few weeks ago and it really doesn't show the dress in all it's glory. It's super pretty with the gathered 3/4 sleeves, and a mini A-line cut. You get a good shot of my skinned up knees though. Being the smallest kid and always being picked last do leave lasting impressions, and scars. I wear each one proudly and always look at the bigger picture. Without those scars I wouldn't be who I am today or the type of person I want to be tomorrow. It has given me a better understanding and empathy for other people. I will always root for the underdog and wish for everyone to have a "happily ever after". I am an optimist at heart and believe that tomorrow will always bring something better than the day before.  So now I'm wishing that this migraine will go away and I'll feel right as rain tomorrow. -Albee

  1. Floral Mini Dress & Gray Socks- 
  2. White Patent Wedges- 


  1. Feel better Albee! Love the whole outfit

  2. Thank you Ms Nik, I fell much better this morning. Sleep was all I really needed :)


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