Thursday, February 24, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Has Been Inspired

Seriously has been inspired by Not too long ago she posted a picture of her wearing a poncho as a dress. Here I was crying over the knit skirts at H&M and I had this beautiful mauve poncho at home. It works so much better as skirt, don't you think? I have gray leggings underneath. I did try it with a nude slip but I just didn't think it had the same impact. Check out my new earrings:

These are from my recent trip to my local F21 store. I was in dire need of new accessories. O.k., I am exaggerating. I just <3 costume jewelry. I'm soo into feathers right now. On the hunt for some pretty dangling hair clips, since I like the look of feather extensions.
Below is a list of what I'm wearing:

  1. Pink Feather Earrings $3.80-
  2. Gray Cotton Leggings $8.00-
  3. Mauve Poncho- Thrifted
  4. White Cami- Silhouette

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