Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Rainy Day

I wanted the park all to myself and that is exactly what I got. This is the first day of the predicted storms coming our way in Southern California. I find that it's beautifully gray out with the light drizzle. I love it, who wants bright sunshine all the time? Do you know what my favorite is? Warm summer nights with rain. Funny that I don't associate it with thunder showers or monsoon season. That's me always seeing the glass half full.
The cream knit sweater has 3/4 sleeves it is one of my favorites. It's warm, but not so that I'm sweating indoors. Can't you tell I like my sleeve length at 3/4? It's me compensating for having short limbs. I don't have a lot of material bunching at my wrists. On my shopping trip with my mom I was fortunate to come across another pair of high waisted bell bottoms. They were super long and I had to break out the sewing machine to hem them. As you can tell they are still on the long side, I'm just not dragging them now. I can only wear my 3+ inch heels or wedges with these. It gives the illusion that I'm taller and thinner than I actually am. I had to show you these shoes. I bought them at Ross, which is always a hit and miss with me. Wood heels and wedges are the things to have this spring. I just love the suede and nylon webbing detail on them.
Thanks for stopping by. I have a request for a look with a hoodie next. If you have any requests go ahead and leave a comment. If you don't have one, just say hello :)
  1. Cream Knit Sweater- 
  2. High Waisted Bell Bottoms- Thrifted
  3. Wood and Suede Heels- Ross

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