Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Casual Wednesday

This is me casual, I would wear this everywhere :) Maybe not everywhere, a wedding and a night out is not included. The older I get the more or should I say the less I reveal. When it comes down to it, it's what comes out of your mouth that people find attractive. It's who you are and the goodness of your heart that people will gravitate towards.
The top I've worn in another OOTD (seen here) as you can tell it's one of my fav pieces. I've been looking for a longer light weight cardigan. This is a cotton one and is thin enough to layer under jackets and coats. It was purchased through under their Fabulous Finds section. If I remember correctly it was under $11.00. The jeans I've featured before and found out that carries the brand. Not sure if they still have the cut because these were thrifted.
Thanks for stopping by, and hope you have a wonderful day.
xoxo- Albee


  1. I love your feather necklace!

  2. Thanks "Under the Spell", if you didn't catch it in one of my previous post you can purchase it through Your comment is much appreciated :)


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