Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Tip of the Iceberg

I should have written this as one of my first blog entries. It would have been fantastic to give you a better understanding of me and what this blog is about. At the time I just wasn't too sure what I wanted to feature and to this day I find that it is still evolving. I had the concept in my mind as I never write anything down. I stay up in the middle of the night lying in bed imaging all that I want to do and have to do for the following day. Everyone says that you should keep a journal by the bed. As I share my bed with someone that gets up before dawn it isn't feasible to turn on a light and jot something down.
I did do a bit of research and studied blogs and youtube videos. What it came down to is what I enjoy seeing and learning. What is it that I can contribute and someone else would find interesting? I figured if it's something that I love why wouldn't someone love it too? 
Ten years ago I would have instantly jump at the chance to start my own blog. Share my misadventures, struggles, sorrow, heartbreak, joy, and excitement. I was revealing in drama and I loved it. Ah twenties, what a time in someones life. I have no idea what happened, but the moment I turned 24 something clicked. All the drama that I lived in and loved was getting old and tiresome. I was turning jaded and found myself surrounded by people who never truly knew me. It wasn't there fault, it was all mine. I had never let anyone in, geez most of the people I saw on a daily bases didn't even know my real name. Let me explain- in the dark, crowded, and loud places I would be night after night it was hard to share my real name. Most people would struggle because they just couldn't hear, too drunk, or didn't really care. O.k., back to my 24th birthday. I realized that I was in a place that I loved my job, loved my friends but wasn't living to my full potential. I was an adult for crying out loud and not taking any responsibility for my actions. The realization that I am responsible for how I live, and what I feel was an epiphany. So I took it upon myself to change. In finding value in myself I started finding value in others. 
My, how my life has done a 180 from that moment. I was unhappy because I was fighting my true nature. I am a listener, comforter, a cheerleader. I'm not a selfish creature, at least I try not to be. I will always put in my best in everything I do, and once I commit to something I become fearless. Somethings don't change- I'm still bad with money, still gullible as ever, and I still speak in a way that is all my own. 
Back to what got me blogging. I was looking for a creative outlet, something that I can put my heart into.  At the time I was feeling pretty depress about being unemployed, that my life wasn't moving forward in any direction. I needed to take my life back into my own hands and write out the destination myself. This is just one step forward for me approaching this fearlessly. 
I wanted to explain why I have chosen to do a running theme of posts. The "Outfit of the Day" post are my favorite and the most time consuming to do. I dress for me, and not for attention. What I wear is primarily dictated by my mood. I'm the type of person who would dress up to make myself feel better if I'm sick or feeling blue. I share what I'm wearing because I often get asked where I purchase my clothes, or that someone likes how I put things together. My clothes are just clothes and I don't buy anything too precious. First of all my budget doesn't allow it and I'm really hard on my things. I try to get across that you can look put together with out blowing the bank. I want to inspire people to rethink and rework what they all ready have. That every trend that pops up can be incorporated to their existing wardrobe. That some items are just timeless and can wear it for years to come.
The music loops, movie, and book recommendations are just things that I love and want to share. I enjoy discovering things that are new to me and at times I feel that I have to go everywhere on the net to find things. I wanted to give you guys a one stop place for recommendations. Sure I totally get that my taste and likes are different from other people's and that my suggestions are useless to some. Hey, I love what I love what can I say?
The "Inspiration Board" is something new and I think I'm going to expand on that idea. It gives me a chance to cohesively get an idea across with visual aids.  From time to time I browse online shopping sites. I always put things in my cart and daydream about outfits that can be put together using them. I will share these too and talk about why I had chosen them. I will try to keep it a 5 item or less with the budget under $50 per item. At this point I will put in pictures here and there of places I go that I find note worthy or images that inspire me.
I know that this post is super long and I hope that you made it to the end. I titled this "The Tip of the Iceberg" because I have a feeling that this is just the 10% showing now and much more to come in the future. Thanks for taking the time to read and follow my blog. -xoxo AlbeeLucky

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