Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Loop of the Day: Cali Randoms

  1. I Heart California- Admiral Radley
  2. 405- Death Cab for Cutie
  3. Highway 101- Social Distortion
  4. Moving to L.A.- Art Brut
  5. O, Valencia- The Decemberists
Do you know how many songs there are about California? A ton, and my favs have bad language in them :) I tried my best with this list in keeping it PG. These songs are just random likes, it was hard to narrow the list down to 5. I'm sure I'll go back to this theme in the future. Hope you enjoy them.
xoxo- Albee Lucky


  1. Huge fan of Death Cab! Thanks for the tiny playlist, is on now! Have a lovely day!

  2. Thanks CessOviedo! Death Cab is one of my all time favs too. I try to see them play whenever they're in town :)Thanks for checking out my blog <3 Albee


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