Monday, February 07, 2011

String Pendant Lamp

Good Monday everyone! I hope that you had a great Super Bowl weekend. This week I plan on taking on some crafting projects. Today it will be string pendant lamps. My living room is going through a color transition phase. For the past few years it was in a blue, gray, and black color palette. Sounds dark and gloomy I know, but I tried to keep it masculine. The BF has pushed me by putting brown as the base color now instead of gray. That has me perusing photos of living rooms trying to come up with a color combo that doesn't have me replacing everything in the room. What caught my eye was brown as the base color and shades of purple and gold as the accent. 

 I am replacing 3 lamps that are already hanging in my living room which are blue.

To something more contemporary and complimentary to the new color scheme. I was thinking string pendants done in a lavender color.

 I will post step by step instructions along with photos. Wish me luck :)


  1. So..did u post the tutorials yet??
    Dint check so hoping to see it :o)

    happy blogging..

  2. Crafty Sideup- Oh, thanks for stopping by. Ha ha- I can only laugh at myself for this one. it was such a crazy mess the first time around. I couldn't document it w/photos. The next few ones I attempt I'm hoping for another hand to be my photog. Crossing my fingers I can do it soon and share with you :)
    xx- Albee


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