Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pick of the Day: ft. UO Sale Section

  1. Hawks by Geren Ford Godet Dress- $29.99
  2. Oversized Geo Tee- $19.99
  3. Pins and Needles Babydoll Swing Tube Top- $19.99

  1. Deena & Ozzy Tread Boot- $29.99
  2. BDG Primary Satchel- $39.99
  3. Asymmetrical Felt Fedora- $6.99
  4. Chevron Rhinestone Bracelet- $9.99

This is just a small collection of clothing, shoes and accessories they have on sale. It was hard for me to narrow it down. Act fast because from yesterday to this morning the pages to browse was cut down by 2. Good luck and happy shopping :)


  1. Oh I love that Satchel bag and the bracelet.
    Cool picks.

  2. Thanks for the comment Anna. I have been looking for a satchel like that one for some time now.
    <3 Albee

  3. The hat & the bracelet are gorgeous :-) You have a great blog!

    Would you mind checking out my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

  4. Thank you for the compliment Tabatha. You have a wonderful blog too, and now I'm following :)


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